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Easy Oat Milk

Oat milk is super easy to make, extremely cheap and can replace dairy milk in pretty much any cooking. We use it in cakes, muffins, currys, noochy "cheese" sauce, everything and anything cooked! We dont use oat milk in coffee (because we prefer black coffee... mmmmm) but you could try! 

oat milk zero waste the zephyr co

We originally decided to try oat milk because as our family was going more and more zero-waste, glass bottled dairy milk was too expensive for us to use in bulk amounts (ie baking & cooking), so oat milk - at about 20c (NZD) per litre - was the perfect solution! We have since absorbed a heck of a lot of information regarding dairy and have chosen to stop buying it at all, and have found heaps of simple and cheap ways to replace dairy milk, cheese and cream, which we will be blogging about in the near future so you can try out our simple & lazy-friendly ways to reduce dairy and waste easily in New Zealand (or anywhere!)


Gather your tools & ingredients 
    Blender (any kind will do)
    Mylk bag (available here) - a round based cotton/linen bag
    Oats - about a handful
    Water - about a litre

      oat milk mylk NZ

      Pop about a handful of oats, and about a litre of water in a blender. I'm very much a 'she'll be 'right' kinda baker/maker, so I dont bother measuring. (feel free to measure if you want!) At this point you could also add sweeteners such as a couple of prunes or a teaspoon of maple syrup, we only do this if we are using the milk for anything other than baking. 

      oat milk nz

      The zephyr co oat milk metal straws

      Whizzz the oats and water for a couple of seconds - literally, thats all it takes!
      Place the mylk bag inside of your jug and fold the edges over

      metl straws the zephyr co NZ made oat milk mylk bag

      Pour the milk through your bag straight into the jug

      nut mylk zephyr nz straws reusable

      Squeeze the bag as you slowly pull it out of the jug so you get every last drop of the oaty-milk-goodness

      oat milk NZ the zephyr co reusable straws

      And as easy as that, you have milk!

      Clean up is a breeze, just flip the bag inside out, keep the remaining oats to make delicious bliss balls, and rinse the bag. 

      Tip number one

      For a creamier milk, soak the oats for about half an hour before

      Tip number two

      Keep your oat milk in the fridge. If it seperates (it will do after sitting for a day or so) just give it a stir. Sometimes I'll pour the milk into a glass bottle with a lid, so I can easily give it a shake before using. The easier the better!


      Let me know how you get on in the comments section! And feel free to ask any questions :)



      The Zephyr Co


      • Courtenay - The Zephyr Co

        Hi Karina, you’re welcome! Thanks for reading our blog :) We have used the milk for up to two weeks. It does not go ‘off’ like dairy milk. Just be cautious if your milk is getting old, I wouldnt use it if it started to smell

      • Courtenay - The Zephyr Co

        Hi Hope :) There are a heap of zero-waste and supermarket-price-free alternatives,I’m glad you found this one! Yes, I will be sharing a recipe (or two.. or three) for bliss balls, they’re awesome!

      • Courtenay - The Zephyr Co

        Hi Amanda, thanks for your reading our blog :) We have used the oats milk for up to two weeks. (ish) .. It does not go ‘off’ like dairy, but just take caution if your mylk is getting old, if it smells, I wouldn’t drink it. Hope that helps!

      • Courtenay - The Zephyr Co

        Hi Sakshi, thanks for your comment! You can use any type of oats. We use quick oats, because thats what we have in the cupboard, but you can use any :) You can purhase the mylk ags right here at The Zephyr co, just click on the word ‘Mylk Bag’ in the ingredients section, or follow this link

      • Sakshi Beniwal

        I will try this soon but a few questions..
        Does it matter if I use rolled oats or steel cut or instant?
        Can the oats be replaced by oats flour?
        Where can I get the milk bag in Christchurch/Dunedin?

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