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Easy Sourdough Starter - Step By Step

Just a couple things before we get started.
I highly recomend using organic flours as these will more likely contain more wild yeast and bacteria because it hasn't been chemically treated as much. Finally, avoid tap water which can contain high levels of chlorine which is a direct enemy to yeast and bacterias
Organic whole wheat flour - Must be organic!
Plain flour (for stage 2)
Mineral water
Baking scales
A couple of containers -  Mason jars work wonders
To start your sourdough starter off, place a clean jar/container on your scales and zero them so it reads 0 grams
Now thats sorted, add 20 grams of your whole wheat flour and 20 grams of water to your container. Give it a good mix making sure you get all the flour wet and combined in the mixture.
Cover your container with a piece of cotton or even a teatowel . Pretty much anything will work aslong as its clean and breathable.
Now find a nice warm and dark spot where you can keep your starter. Ours is next to our hot water cylinder and it works great!
That wraps up day 1!
Looking at your mixture, you may already see signs of some action starting to  happen. Small bubbles or signs of rise in the mixture
Now we can repeat the steps of day 1, but we are bumping the proportions up to 40 grams of flour and 40 grams of water.
Once again give it a good mix for 30 secounds or so, making sure to get all the flour nice and wet, place your cloth back on your container and back in a warm spot she goes for a night
By day 3, you should definitely start to see more bubbles and signs of rise and fall on the edge of your container.
Again we are repeating the steps of day 1 and 2, but this time we are adding even more flour/water to the mix- 80 grams of flour and 80 grams of water.
Feed, mix, cover and find a warm spot. Catching on to the rhythm?
Stage 2
Congrats! Stage 1 is now complete, you are getting so close you can smell it, really! Give your glorious mixture a smell! mmmmm Nutty :)
Today you will be making a quick mixture of 50% whole wheat and 50% plain flour which will be your starters new daily snack! I mixed up 200grams of each in a jar, but feel free to mix as much or as little as you like.
Now discard of all but 3 good tablespoons of your starter. I poured the remaining starter into a fresh jar at this point but it's not necessary.
Add 2 table spoons of your 50-50 flour mix to your starter and 2 table spoons of water, yep you've got the rhythm- Mix, cover and store!
Repeat this process daily for the next week.
Awesome! Now you should have a healthy and stable starter! If you look after it and feed it 1 table spoon of flour and 1 table spoon of water daily it will last forever! Yes- forever. We'll be uploading a follow-on recipe for an easy sourdough bread to the blog very soon!






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  • Anna

    Thanks for posting this! With pics and easy instructions! Surprised at how straight forward it seems! I’m keen to give it a bash! Just wondered what happens if I skip a day or two (or more!) of feeding? Will I need to start all over again? Thanks!

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