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Easy Sourdough Starter - Step By Step

HEY ALL Just a couple things before we get started. I highly recomend using organic flours as these will more likely contain more wild yeast and bacteria because it hasn't been chemically treated as much. Finally, avoid tap water which can contain high levels of chlorine which is a direct enemy to yeast and bacterias THINGS YOU WILL NEED Organic whole wheat flour - Must be organic! Plain flour (for stage 2) Mineral water Baking scales A couple of containers -  Mason jars work wonders DAY 1 To start your sourdough starter off, place a clean jar/container on your scales and zero them so it reads 0 grams Now thats sorted, add 20 grams of your whole wheat flour and...

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Easy Oat Milk

Oat milk is super easy to make, extremely cheap and can replace dairy milk in pretty much any cooking. We use it in cakes, muffins, currys, noochy "cheese" sauce, everything and anything cooked! We dont use oat milk in coffee (because we prefer black coffee... mmmmm) but you could try!  We originally decided to try oat milk because as our family was going more and more zero-waste, glass bottled dairy milk was too expensive for us to use in bulk amounts (ie baking & cooking), so oat milk - at about 20c (NZD) per litre - was the perfect solution! We have since absorbed a heck of a lot of information regarding dairy and have chosen to stop buying it...

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The Zephyr Co's 30 tips to zero waste in Aotearoa

Tip # one  Skip the centre aisles at the supermarket! All of the fresh, unpackaged foods are around the outside. The bakery, the deli and all of those yummy fresh fruits and vegetables Tip # two Shop at bulk stores like Binn Inn for things like flour, oats, sugar, cereals... sooo many good things completely package free when you take your own Bulk Food Bags!! Tip # three Take your keep cup! Reuse it every day. You might even get a discount on your daily coffee! Tip # four Bring your own container to get takeaways. It may seem awkward at first, but I am here to assure you, it is not a hassle at all for you OR the...

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